Tower Genius’ 5 tips to negotiate cell tower leases… U.S. Cellular carriers like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile and tower management companies like American Tower, Crown Castle, SBA Communications and Vertical Bridge are constantly trying to increase their profits and shareholder value as they rightfully should.  They don’t view property owners and landlords as partners. Rather you are the “low hanging fruit”.  A small difference in the cell tower rental revenue or a slight modification in the rental escalations from an annual rate of increase to a per term increase can make a big difference to their bottom line and your bottom line. Cell tower lease “consulting companies” have popped up primarily consisting of individuals who worked for firms specializing in purchasing cash flow or selling rent reduction lease amendments on fear, and of attorneys who’ve never seen the inside of a courtroom. All three type have one thing in common, they’ve never actually developed a site but claim to be experts inhaling you get the best cell tower rental rates.    

Have you been contacted by a cell tower development company offering to build a tower on your land or install wireless antennas and equipment on your rooftop for 4G or 5G?

If yes, here’s 5 things to help you succeed if you plan to go to battle alone against Goliath. 

Use Your Noggin

Avoid Premature Negotiation 

Sometimes You Should Not Encumber Your Property

 Becoming a Wireless Landlord With A Cell Tower Lease Is Risky


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