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Cell tower lease consultants are many, but there is only one Tower Genius. Congratulations.

You’ve found America’s #1 Cell Tower Lease Consultants. Tower Genius is North America’s leading cell tower lease consultancy.

Understanding cell tower lease proposals is confusing enough, selecting the right cell tower lease expert shouldn’t have to be. We provide cell tower lease transactional coaching and consulting services for cell tower landlords and property owners.

We started helping cell tower landlords in 2008, after coming over from the dark side of wireless, working for the carriers after we observed how landlords were being treated unfairly with a very heavy hand. Our Partners Steve Kazella and Kevin Donohue have nearly 50 years of combined experience working in wireless infrastructure leasing.

Tower Genius’ Partners

Kevin F. Donohue
Kevin Donohue, Partner


Stephen L. Kazella
Steve Kazella, Partner

Tower Genius Can Help!

Tower Genius LLC is the premier cell tower leasing consultancy and wireless infrastructure expert providing lease consulting services to property owners and cell tower landlords in the United States. We can answer your questions pertaining to cell tower ground lease rental rates and anything related to cell tower lease negotiations. Or if you already have a cell tower and you are getting bombarded by companies ask to purchase a perpetual easement or lease buyouts we can also help you when you have a cell tower lease for sale.

Cell tower lease consultancy and coaching services with Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, American Tower, Crown Castle, SBA Communications offers and proposals:

Do you need a wireless industry expert’s second opinion?

Do you want to make sure the cell tower rental price and terms you are agreeing to are fair?

Unsure about how changes in technology may impact your cell tower rental revenue?

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