Will cell towers become obsolete or 5G make cell towers go away?

The wireless industry has been lobbying heavily to be able to pay next to nothing for leasing 5G sites in public right of ways. COVID-19 has significantly delayed the rollout of 5G in 2020. We should start to see to 5G the fifth generation of wireless networks being rolled out  slowly as we reach 2021  and many people are wondering if 5G will make cell towers obsolete?

obsolete cell towersMy short answer is yes,  5G technology has the potential to make some cell towers obsolete and it depends where they are located.

Will 5G make all cell towers obsolete?

The wireless industry estimates that in addition to the 330,000+ macro cell sites and cell towers that exist in the USA, another additional 250,000 to 1,000,000 new small 5G cell sites will need to be built to support the robust telecom networks.

You can see in many cities where fiber cables are installed in the ground, 5-gallon-paint bucket sized small cell antennas are popping up on top of 30-40 foot wooden electric transmission poles.

These small cells provide additional coverage and capacity to small areas such as shopping centers, intersections, centers of commerce, etc. Like the example of the location I videoed after stopping for gas in Fort Walton Beach Florida, the 5G small cells located on a busy 4-lane street will work in conjunction with existing 5G macro cell towers to improve service. I knew it was an SBA tower because I looked at it last year while answering a question for somebody who called us.

Will 5G cause some cell towers to be replaced?

We believe that carriers may install several 5G small cell nodes near the macro cell tower or cell site to be able to force the landlord into accepting a significant rent reduction or render their site obsolete and decommission the existing macro cell site. Small cells and 5G pose a significant cash-flow risk for cell tower landlords who potentially may be getting their rent reduced if they want to keep their site.

Will cell towers go away because of 5G and small cells?

What are the average 5G lease rates?

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