Tower GeniusWhat Other Tenants Lease Cell Towers? We get this question often. What other rooftop or tower tenants other than wireless carriers can lease space on cell towers?

There is a huge need for leasing tower space not only for wireless carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular, Sprint and T-Mobile. The deployment of 5G will usher in a new wave of cell tower tenants who will utilize cell towers to tie into the fiberoptic networks and distribute their signals.

Other cell tower tenants:

Major tower companies are always marketing their tower portfolio.  However building owners and tower owners can be proactive and market their own properties. Although it can be a needle in a haystack, you can create a simple web page for your rooftop for example and create a marketing page letting prospective tenants know that you are open to leasing space.


Need Help With Tower Leasing Or Rooftop Leasing Agreement?

Tower leasing agreements can be tricky especially if you are a landowner or building owner who is trying to lease your property to a tower or rooftop tenant for the first time. We can help.  If you have never dealt with a tower leasing agreement, get in touch with Tower Genius today.

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