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What is a cell tower lease worth? Get your cell tower lease questions answered.

If you are reading this you have probably wondered what is a cell tower worth?  Maybe you never thought about cell towers before and somebody called you or sent you a letter asking you if you would consider leasing space on your land to have a cell tower built? 

All of a sudden as you go about your day you begin to locate cell towers you will start seeing them everywhere. They are located in places that you totally did not notice before. Why? Because cell towers are sighted and deployed to blend into their environment and for the most part, they become a part of the everyday landscape and we forget to notice them. There are some exceptions, like the big ugly cell tower “tree poles” that some towns force carriers to build. It’s funny that people will always remember the ugly tree cell towers when the purpose was for them to “blend in”. Yet if I asked you how many plain old steel cell tower there are in your county or are on your way to work, you probably could not answer. , How many wooden telephone poles did you drive by this week? I bet you never even thought of that. Why? Because wood poles are a part of the natural landscape.

Some cell towers are traditional monopoles, some are lattice towers with three legs, and some are guyed wire towers with wires anchored into the ground like a circus tent. Some cell towers are in plain sight and some are concealed, camouflaged or “stealthed” to hide their presence. Some cell sites on rooftops are so well concealed that you could drive by them thousands of times and never know that it was a cellular site.   

Our society is literally addicted to its wireless communication devices. Whether or not that is a good thing or a bad thing, time will tell. However one thing is for certain, the smart phone is perhaps one of the greatest inventions of our lifetime, and the network that billions of dollars worth of voice and data traffic run through every day can’t function without cell towers and cell sites.

What Exactly is a Cell Tower?

How much do Cell Towers lease for monthly?

Many consultants will tell you that there is a range. This is simply not true. Ever cell tower lease valuation is determined on a site by site basis. There is however a formula. 


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