5g and cell tower landlords

How Will 5G is affect cell tower landlords in 2021?

5G is the latest telecommunication standard, introduced in 2019. It is the successor to 4G which was introduced in 2010. 5G promises high speeds of more than 1 GBs as compared to 4G that promised a maximum speed of 200 MBs. 5G rollout is going to kick into high gear in 2021 and beyond. If you are a cell tower landowner, read this article to know how 5G is going to impact cell tower landlords

5G Cell Towers vs 4G Cell Towers? 


As of 2020, over 120 countries have national 4G networks while only 34 countries have 5G networks. Experts indicate that it will take a few years for 5G to penetrate more than 100 countries. Cell tower landlords should expect to see towers being worked on. If you see a tower crew or cell site technicians at your property, ask them if the site is being upgraded to 5G or when you can expect to be able to get 5G service?

The 330,000+ existing cell sites in the USA will be upgraded to have both 4G and 5G capabilities with a heavier 5G emphasis in the major urban markets where a plethora of 5G capable small cells will be deployed to work in conjunction with the existing macro-site carrier networks. Approximately 1-million additional small cell nodes will be deployed in the USA. Additionally Google estimates that approximately 13 million WiFi-6 nodes (“hybrid-5G”) will be needed to be installed on utility poles in addition to all the 5G nodes just to meet demand.  Will all this deployment being planned in the next few years, Tower Genius believes that we should start seeing cell tower rents being paid to private landlords begin to decline by 2025.   

How Will 5G Affect Me? 


5G will vastly improve the quality of life for people that depend on quality voice and data transmissions. 5G communications will save business time and money. 5G technology will revolutionize the transportation industry, the medical industry, the way we buy groceries and the way that we can use our phones.


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