Cell site acquisition and ownership is a very complicated and risky endeavor especially if you don’t fully understand the complex rules and regulations behind it. But since there is an increasing demand for capacity due to more and more people using connected devices, it can also help landowners reap profits if they know how to properly allocate their resources and build a long-lasting relationship with carriers.

It All Starts With The Carrier

So it is very important to know and understand the needs of all carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint to make a hefty profit.

Steve Kazella, on the other hand, recommends getting familiar with criteria that are generally defined by the operators themselves. The operators know exactly where their service is struggling and they want to expand their network wherever they are having capacity issues.

Cell tower experts all over America are now saying that carriers are now leaning away from owning towers themselves. Instead, they are now choosing to lease towers, antennas, and rooftops to meet their coverage needs. This is more cost-effective for the company since it takes a lot of capital to build a cell site from scratch. 

Why Landowners Should Take Advantage of This

If you are a landowner, Tower Genius is a very good source for finding out where current towers are and what the current cell tower lease rates are. 

The second characteristic that companies look for is whether the structure is physically sound and has the proper capacity. Third, they want collateral value, no environmental issues, and a clean title. Finally, they look for the creditworthiness of the landowner.

Our final advice for property owners is to build sound relationships with carriers and have their paperwork in order. When the time for negotiation the lease comes, we at Tower Genius can help you get the best possible revenue out of your location.

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