Negotiating a cell tower lease is a tricky and unique experience which is nothing like negotiating a residential or commercial lease. The scale involved is typically in the favor of the cell company that wants a tower on your property. 

Normally, there is a huge supply of land or building options available to the cell phone company and very few opportunities if any available for landowners. If you believe the deal is getting too expensive, you can always walk out. However, you are giving away a chunk of profit that someone else will end up making.  

Tower Genius wants to share with you some very important tips to help you tip the scales of the lease agreement in your favor. 

Knowledge is Power 

So it is very important to seek out the necessary knowledge before you set out to lease your property for a cell tower.  

Make Sure You Are Aware of the Business Terms 

In matters like these, make sure to consult with a cell tower leasing consulting company such as Tower Genius to make sure you are getting the highest possible rent for your property. 

Remember, Every Thing is Negotiable 

Read every single line of the agreement before you sign. Fully understand what you are getting into because once you sign that paper, your property could be gone for as many as 20 years from now. 

Need Help? 

If you’re not confident in your negotiation skills, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tower Genius. We are America’s premium cell tower leasing consultant with hundreds of successful negotiations in our portfolio. We provide you with the latest cell tower leasing rates and help you strike a deal that is beneficial for you in the long term. Get in touch with us today.