Are you seeing cell towers everywhere?

Wireless carriers only develop and lease cell sites as a last resort on public utility infrastructure such as on municipal water towers or on electrical transmission towers.

If the wireless carriers had other viable options available to them to meet zoning requirements and their network engineering requirements or had alternative properties where ground space was available to lease, or rooftop space was available to develop a telecommunications site, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint would already be there.

High Demand for Coverage + Low Supply of Available Properties + Hugh Difficulty Level of Site Development and Maintenance = PREMIUM RENTAL PRICE.

Or as we say a Tower Genius, “it is what it is.”

leasing cell sitesWater towers and electrical transmission towers, substations and poles are interesting because many are nestled in residential areas where zoning regulations give them preference. They are also considered mission critical infrastructure in many cases. They need to operate 24/7 and there is a service disruption it will severely impact our everyday lives.

Lots of factors come into play.

Properly developed and managed Municipal Cell Towers can greatly benefit your town, city or agency in many ways.

Tower Genius specializes in assisting municipalities, cities, public housing authorities, public utilities such as water districts and power companies and other governmental agencies with complex cell tower leasing, cell site development, cell site auditing and cell tower workflow and process re-engineering functions. While ancillary cell tower revenue can be a significant income source for your organization, most agencies and municipalities simply do not have the resources or manpower to properly oversee this function.

By creating a win-win method of cell site leasing, site management and site development, our Municipal Partners have been able to generate substantial revenue from the leasing portion of our program without overburdening their in-house employees, and while greatly limiting major issues associated with municipal wireless telecommunication development such as tower proliferation and visual impact upon the community.

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