Did you know that your existing cell tower lease is a gold mine for you? A lot of landowners do not know this but you can get a lot of revenue from renewing your lease. We sat down with industry experts who reveal how you can mine your gold mine for near unlimited passive income. 

Why Is Your Existing Tower Lease a Gold Mine? 

Cell tower companies will pay you large rent to be the second, third or even fourth company to install their antenna on an existing site because they don’t want to deal with the cost and difficulty of installing a new tower. This can bump up the rent to triple for you. 

The lease agreement may say that the cell tower company can cancel it anytime but in reality, it is locked and no company wants to come out of it. So you as a landowner will always have an upper hand. 

So now that you know the value of an existing lease, here is how you can keep on making more money from the lease. 

Need Help With Tower Leasing? 

Tower leasing agreements are very tricky and most landowners are not aware of how the terms and legal stuff works. This is why they usually end up making a lot less than they could have. If you don’t know the dynamics of this industry, it is better to get help from a tower leasing consultant such as Tower Genius. 

The consultants will not only provide you the latest lease rent trends but they will also help you negotiate the best deal from a lease agreement.