cell tower on property

Tower Genius often receives calls and emails from landowners who want a cell tower lease agreement with cell phone companies. They often inquire about how to get a cell tower on their property and we respond with the same answer always – you can’t easily convince a carrier to install their tower on your land unless it somehow benefits their pre-existing network plans.

If your property fits into their future plans, they would automatically contact you and pursue you to let them put a tower on your land. If you’re a landowner who wants a cell tower on their land, you have come to the right page. Here we explain how you can make your property more ‘appealing’ to cell tower companies in 4 simple steps.

See If There Is A Need Of Cell Tower In Your Location

You can do this by visiting the websites of all the carriers operating in the U.S and viewing their coverage map. If you see that your location is not covered well, your land might be worthwhile to a cell company.


Put A Sign On Your Land To Let Companies Know You Are Leasing For a Tower

You don’t have to spend a fortune on the sign, it just needs to be easy to read and must include your contact info clearly. The easier it is to read, the more the chances that a “site acq.” agent might get in touch with you. However, don’t have the expectation that this will generate instant results. It may take months or even years before you are contacted by a cell tower company or carrier representative for a lease agreement, and it is also possible that you will never be contacted.

Submit Your Property To Cell Carriers

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of being for cell tower or cell site development. Visit the carrier and tower company websites and find the sections where you can submit your property for consideration to their databases. Don’t forget to add the following info:

Submit your information to the tower companies and carriers as frequently as possible, at least once a year. With 5G coming soon, they will need many new locations.


Don’t Pay To Submit Your Cell Tower Location

Submitting Your Property For A Cell Tower Doesn’t Work

What Happens If You Receive A Call?

If you get a call from a cell tower leasing agent, we hope that you give us the opportunity to assist you.  Tower Genius can actually help you determine the fair market rental value of a new cell tower on your property and the twenty-five other things you need to pay attention to when leasing a cell tower. We know the ins and outs of cell site lease agreements.

Tower Genius is one of the USA’s premier wireless cell tower leasing consultants. We have over 48 years of wireless cell tower leasing experience and thousands of successful lease agreements signed under our portfolio. We can help you get the best deal no matter where you are located.