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Tower Genius’ How to Determine the Value of Your Land For a Cell Tower Lease...

Okay, so what exactly makes a cell tower lease great a great deal or a terrible deal? Forget about all the previous decade’s unprecedented advancements in wireless technology, the  roll out of 5G networks and growing demand for cellular networks.

All you really care about is getting the best return for leasing your rooftop or ground space for a cell tower land lease or rooftop telecommunication lease and not getting taken advantage of by the swamp creatures who are employed as cell tower lease site acquisition leasing consultants you may be talking to about leasing a tower on your land.

The installation of cell towers requires land, usually a 100′ x 100′ area for a monopole or lattice cell tower. Guyed wire cell towers while cheaper to build for developers will encumber more of your land since they require three anchor points and can take up 5 or 10 acres of your property.

In most cases, the cell tower companies will lease your land and they do not buy your land in the United States. A word of caution, if you are approached to put a tower on your property and they are offering you a lump sum up front you need to look very closely at what they are proposing. If you have been approached by a cellular tower development company like American Tower, Crown castle, Vertical Bridge or SBA Communications,  or by a wireless carrier like US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T or Sprint, you need to quickly figure out what the proper value of your location is before your start negotiating. Don’t assume your attorney has the slightest idea of what the lease is worth even if they have seen a handful of these deals over their career. Seek the opinion of an industry professional who has seen thousands all over the USA. Or flip a coin, it’s up to you.

Here are some of the components of our “Secret Sauce” that help determine what your potential cell tower location should rent for. 


Understand the Value of Your Specific Property of Building’s Location

Determine the Influence of Elevation of Land and Topography

Interpret Local Zoning Cell Tower Zoning Ordinances and Evaluate Carrier Coverage Needs

How Does The New Cell Tower Fit Into The Puzzle Of Other Cell Towers in the Area?

Another determining factor how your site fits into the puzzle of the particular carrier’s coverage. What is it’s proximity to other towers? Is your tower with Crown Castle and is T-Mobile a tenant? How does that factor into the valuation if there is an American Tower site about a half mile away where Sprint is a subtenant? What about the 2020 merger? What about possible consolidation?  Didn’t T-Mobile and American Tower recently decide to “cooperate”?  What about AT&T? Aren’t they still fighting with American Tower?  Yes folks, it’s a rooting tooting circus and you need to figure out the puzzle quickly if your are going to stand a chance.


Are you sick and tired and frustrated dealing with representatives of Crown Castle, American Tower, SBA Communications, Blackdot, Md7, Lyle Company or other usual suspects? Or have you gotten the sense that they may be feeling the same way about you? Do you feel shortchanged or that you are at an impasse and just not making progress in your discussion year after year? Do you need a second opinion before you cash out of your cell tower lease or renew an expiring lease? If you need an expert, remember that the rental price is only one component of a cell tower lease agreement. Tower Genius typically recommends two to three dozen modifications of the average proposal that crosses our desks. We can help. We’ve seen thousands of these deals. 


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