agressive cell tower leaseAgreeing to the tower lease agreement can have significant benefits for you if you’re a landowner who has a cell tower and is receiving rent from American Tower, SBA Communications, Crown Castle or another smaller tower company. However, the cell tower leasing process is not always simple and straightforward, and there are tower company leasing specialists that can be often quite aggressive and hard to deal with.

For instance, recently one of our clients, a retired farmer in his early 80’s was visited by a very attractive and aggressive cell tower site acquisition rep regarding the tower company’s lease extension, for a lease that was not expiring for another 8 years.

The cell tower leasing consultant became increasingly aggressive over the months and years, and made all kinds of subtle and not so subtle threats to the property owner that they may move the tower, and cease negotiations unless he agreed to the business terms they were trying to force upon him.

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention the site acquisition rep who met with the retired cell tower landlord was wearing heels and a tightly fitted red dress, and presented an amendment hoping to get the property owner to sign on the spot.  We are not even kidding.

The “smoking hot lady in a red dress” strategy is a frequently used sales tactic in the arsenal of virtually every major cell tower management company when they have exhausted efforts to extend the lease by offering large signing bonuses, threats to exercise their right to terminate, decommission and relocate the tower, or reduce the rent, and they are working with a senior citizen they believe that they can distract enough to sign their agreement.

Fortunately the landowner did not sign anything, and found Tower Genius.

Soon afterward, the very same cell tower landlord received a love letter from the tower leasing company that said that due to his unwillingness to sign the amendment, his site was under review for possible relocation.

Within four months, we were able to help this landlord extend their lease with the tower company under significantly better terms.


What To Do If You Are In The Same Situation

We are America’s premier wireless tower leasing consultant with 48 years of wireless cell tower leasing experience and thousands of cell site rate leases negotiated in our portfolio. We can help you deal with an aggressive company and help you strike a deal that is beneficial for you not only in the short-term but also in the long term.

We don’t pay to be “industry certified” by non-industry groups to give the appearance of credibility. We skip the wireless industry trade shows because we don’t pay to network with adversaries. We are frequently copied by other “so-called” cell tower experts. Get in touch with us today for the best deal.