cell tower lease myths you need to avoid

It seems like there are cell tower conspiracies popping up daily.

Let’s set the record straight on some cell tower lease myths.

Cell Towers and especially 5G are the new boogie man. In fact we have actually seen cell tower workers attached and dozens of cell towers vandalized and even burned down in Europe and the United States because. In the 1970’s it was acid rain… in the 1980’s aerosol hair spray cans were depleting the ozone layer and causing global warming, and killing polar bears… in the 1990’s SUV’s were destroying the planet… fast forward to today, the new thing that many people are afraid of is 5G technology.  I’ve even seen “normal” friends on social media post things that were… I’m being kind…. “way out there”. 


Many People Believe That Cell Towers Cause Cancer

The bottom line is that no study has ever proven that cell tower cause cancer.  

Verdict: FALSE

Cell Tower Radio Frequency (RF) Waves are Dangerous

Verdict: FALSE

Cell Towers Spy on You

Verdict: FALSE

5G Cell Towers Caused COVID-19

Verdict: FALSE

Cell Tower Leases Need To Have Their Rents Reduced to Remain Viable

Verdict: FALSE

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