With the COVID-19 pandemic causing the world economy to take a history downturn with record unemployment and business closures, many landowners have started exploring the option of selling their cell tower leases.

In just a month, landowners who have cell towers on their properties have received letters from cell tower companies citing rent reductions. Companies like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and several cell tower leasing companies like Crown Castle and American Tower are all cutting down on rent.

Just like any other business, cell tower companies and carriers are looking to reduce their costs and expenses by either cutting on reductions or simply terminating leases.

Landowners Are Selling Their Leases

Tower Genius works with many of these cell tower property owners across the United States and helps them get the best price for their cell tower lease while making sure that they are well protected from the pitfalls of a low cell tower lease buyout. 

The Three-Step Process to Optimize Cell Tower Value

Lease Review and Appraisal

Create Your Plan

Secure The Best Deal

In simple words, should you wish to sell your cell tower lease, get in touch with us today and learn about cell tower leasing rates as well as the true market value of your lease so you can get the best deal and meet your financial goals in these hard times.