Have you ever walked down a neighborhood or town and wondered how all these cell towers ended up on properties? Do cellular companies buy out these properties to place their cell towers? Or is the government securing this land for the companies?

If you don’t know already, be prepared to be surprised – cell towers are often placed on land that has been leased out by property owners, which means that if you have land or property, even you can make it available for a cell tower. But there are a lot of things that go before that happens.

And if you are wondering how much a property owner can make through a cell tower lease, keep on reading and you’ll be surprised again.

What is a Cell Tower Land Lease?

The rent rates vary significantly and their worth is based on many factors such as location and cellular needs in the area. If the location of the property is important for the cellular company, they may pay you a lot and similarly, if the need is not that much, you may get paid little.

The bottom line is that this business is very lucrative for a landowner and if you happen to have properties, it is a good idea to get it leased to a cellular tower company.

What’s the Demand of Cell Tower Lease in 2020

And with 5G technology becoming increasingly in-demand in 2020, you can well imagine how good things are right now for this industry. If you have a property that meets all the criteria of a cell tower lease agreement, you shouldn’t think twice about leasing it out.

Looking to Lease for a Cell Tower?

We have years of experience and we have helped hundreds of property owners across America secure high-income deals with cell tower companies. Remember, these companies come to you well prepared, the question is, are you prepared? Get in touch with us today to help you out.