Cell Tower Lease Buyouts Are Surging Amid Corona Virus Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing the world economy to take a history downturn with record unemployment and business closures, many landowners have started exploring the option of selling their cell tower leases. In just a month, landowners who have cell towers on their properties have received letters from cell tower companies citing rent reductions. Companies […]

Negotiating A Cell Tower Lease – Advice From Industry Experts

Negotiating a cell tower lease is a tricky and unique experience which is nothing like negotiating a residential or commercial lease. The scale involved is typically in the favor of the cell company that wants a tower on your property.  Normally, there is a huge supply of land or building options available to the cell […]

3 Biggest Lies About The Cell Tower Lease Buyout Industry

Here’s the thing, how do you know that your strategic relocation agent, VP of lease acquisitions, or cell tower lease buyout representative is telling the truth to you? There are many lies cell tower leasing companies tell landowners and today we are going to point out the biggest lies that are told in this industry. […]

Useful Information on Site Acquisition and Ownership – Tips and Tools

Cell site acquisition and ownership is a very complicated and risky endeavor especially if you don’t fully understand the complex rules and regulations behind it. But since there is an increasing demand for capacity due to more and more people using connected devices, it can also help landowners reap profits if they know how to […]

How To Increase Revenue With Existing Cell Tower Leases

Did you know that your existing cell tower lease is a gold mine for you? A lot of landowners do not know this but you can get a lot of revenue from renewing your lease. We sat down with industry experts who reveal how you can mine your gold mine for near unlimited passive income.  […]

How To Determine Your Property’s Worth For Cell Tower Leasing

cell tower on land

If you’ve recently been approached by a cell tower company requesting to lease your land for their tower, how do you know what your land is really worth? This is a very common question we receive from landowners across the U.S. It is very important for you to understand that every piece of land is […]

The Advantages of Having Cell A Tower On Your Property

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With millions of users and growing, it is no secret cell phones are used everywhere these days. In fact, a report suggests that more Americans have gotten rid of their home phones and now solely depend on smartphones as a means of communication. With more and more people utilizing them, cell phone carriers are struggling […]

How To Get A Cell Tower On Your Property In 4 Easy Steps

cell tower on property

Tower Genius often receives calls and emails from landowners who want a cell tower lease agreement with cell phone companies. They often inquire about how to get a cell tower on their property and we respond with the same answer always – you can’t easily convince a carrier to install their tower on your land unless it somehow benefits […]

What Other Tenants Lease Cell Towers?

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What Other Tenants Lease Cell Towers? We get this question often. What other rooftop or tower tenants other than wireless carriers can lease space on cell towers? There is a huge need for leasing tower space not only for wireless carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular, Sprint and T-Mobile. The deployment of 5G will […]

How To Deal With Aggressive Tower Company Leasing Specialists

agressive cell tower lease

Getting a well structured and properly optimized tower lease agreement can be a long term cash cow if you are leasing ground space to American Tower, SBA Communications, Crown Castle other tower company or wireless carrier. Easier said than done however since the cell tower leasing process is usually not a smooth ride. You need […]