The Advantages of Having Cell A Tower On Your Property

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With millions of users and growing, it is no secret cell phones are used everywhere these days. In fact, a report suggests that more Americans have gotten rid of their home phones and now solely depend on smartphones as a means of communication. With more and more people utilizing them, cell phone carriers are struggling […]

How To Get A Cell Tower On Your Property In 4 Easy Steps

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Tower Genius often receives calls and emails from landowners who want a cell tower lease agreement with cell phone companies. They often inquire about how to get a cell tower on their property and we respond with the same answer always – you can’t easily convince a carrier to install their tower on your land unless it somehow benefits […]

Are There Non-Cellular Companies That Lease Cell Towers?

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If you’ve been trying to convince a cellular company for a tower lease agreement without avail, you’ll be glad to know that there are several other non-cellular companies that also depend on towers for their communications. We recently received an email from a client asking if there are other options available and we thought it […]

How To Deal With Aggressive Tower Company Leasing Specialists

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Agreeing to the tower lease agreement can have significant benefits for you if you’re a landowner who has a cell tower and is receiving rent from American Tower, SBA Communications, Crown Castle or another smaller tower company. However, the cell tower leasing process is not always simple and straightforward, and there are tower company leasing […]

Will cell towers become obsolete?

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Will 5G make cell towers go away? 5G the fifth generation of wireless networks are being rolled out ever so slowly and many people are wondering if 5G will make cell towers obsolete? My short answers are:  yes and depends where. Will 5G make all cell towers obsolete? No 5G will not replace most cell […]