5 Tips to Negotiate Cell Tower Leases

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Tower Genius’ 5 tips to negotiate cell tower leases… U.S. Cellular carriers like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile and tower management companies like American Tower, Crown Castle, SBA Communications and Vertical Bridge are constantly trying to increase their profits and shareholder value as they rightfully should.  They don’t view property owners and landlords as partners. Rather […]

5 Pros and Cons of Installing Cell Towers on Your Property

pros and cons of installing cell towers on your property

Tower Genius’ 5 Pros and Cons of Installing Cell Towers on Your Property… I remember my dad telling me back in 1999, son.. these cell phones are just a fad, I don’t think cell towers will be around for too long. I’m glad I didn’t listen to him, as I launched my career in wireless […]

Before You Extend or Sell Your Cell Tower Lease Agreement

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Before You Extend or Sell Your Cell Tower Lease Agreement – Get Advice That Doesn’t Suck… Tower Genius’ Guide for Property Owners. Here’s the ugly truth about so called cell tower lease consultants and experts you should consider before you extend or sell your cell tower lease agreement. A lot of them suck. They are not honest […]

3 Useful Tips to Help You Negotiate a Cell Tower Lease

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Negotiating a cell tower lease is an experience that only a few are familiar with. Only about 1 in every 10,000 people in the United States is a cell tower landlord. To make matters worse, there are only a handful of experts in the USA who can provide cell tower landlords with unbiased help.  So […]

6 Things To Look Out For In a Cell Tower Lease Consultant


Cell tower lease consultants are not all the same. Tower Genius is head and shoulders above the rest. We are confident that we will bring more value to you from your tower lease agreement than any of our competitors.   So if you have been approached by a cellular carrier like T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T or […]

3 Tips to Help You Get a Cell Tower On Your Property


Tower Genius has been helping property owners in cell tower lease negotiations for decades. Our expertise including leasing, property valuation, lease negotiations, lease coaching, and determining tower lease rates. If you have a property where you think a cell tower company may be interested in leasing, then you have come to the right place. Leasing […]

3 Tips For Successful Cell Site Leasing Negotiations


Tower Genius’ 3 tips for successful cell site leasing negotiations… Negotiating a cell tower lease is a daunting task. There’s a lot of confusing paperwork involved with tricky telecom legalese terms that can lead you into trouble or a bad deal if you are not careful. As a property owner, your aim should be to […]

The 3 Most Obvious Pros and Cons of Cell Tower Leases

While cell tower lease is a great way to earn significant side-income for landowners, they come with their set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, once you give your property to a cell tower company, the contract will usually last several years. This is both good and bad. Tower Genius, a premium cell tower consultation […]

Cell Tower Land Lease Rates Forecast for 2020

Have you ever walked down a neighborhood or town and wondered how all these cell towers ended up on properties? Do cellular companies buy out these properties to place their cell towers? Or is the government securing this land for the companies? If you don’t know already, be prepared to be surprised – cell towers […]