Before You Extend or Sell Your Cell Tower Lease Agreement – Get Advice That Doesn’t Suck… Tower Genius’ Guide for Property Owners.

Here’s the ugly truth about so called cell tower lease consultants and experts you should consider before you extend or sell your cell tower lease agreement. A lot of them suck. They are not honest people. They do not have the years of experience they claim and they have major conflicts of interest. You would not bring them over your house for a family dinner.

Are you  a property owner who already has a cell tower on their land? Are you collecting a monthly rent check from Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, American Tower, Crown Castle or SBA Communications? Still getting bombarded with proposals every month to sell your cell tower lease rental stream as a perpetual easement buyout for a lump sum?  Should you give the tower management company another 10 20 or 50 years? Or should you cash out and take the lease buyout and put the money into another type of asset to mitigate the risk of having your rental stream become obsolete due to 5G or some future cell tower satellites orbiting thee earth?   

Most tower management forms like SBA, Crown and ATC will offers to either extend your lease for 30-50 years  or buy your out of the lease for a one time payment. When a half million dollar carrot is dangled in front of a cell tower landlord while this may seem enticing, the options should be weighed. Don’t expect an attorney or real estate agent or commercial real estate appraiser to know the first thing about providing you with a proper cell tower lease valuation. Tower Genius absolutely can. Just call us at 888-313-9750 to learn more about what value we can add for you with our strategic coaching and lease consulting services. 

As a cell tower landlord it is always good to get a second opinion. Before you extend or sell your cell tower lease agreement and before you sign on the dotted line to extend you cell tower contract, ask yourself…  

Is This Cell Tower Extension Or Easement Sale Good Deal?

Cell Tower Lease Buyout and Amendment Documents Can Be Complicated

Just About Everything in a Cell Tower Agreement is Negotiable


And of course if you have been approached by a cell tower development company or wireless carrier with a proposal for a new a lease agreement, don’t just sign anything they have to offer. Get in touch with Tower Genius for a review of the deal. We have been coaching and consulting exclusively for landlords and property owners since 2008.    


Call Tower Genius from anywhere in the USA at 1-888-313-9750. 


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