Article by:Steve Kazella, Managing Partner at Tower Genius LLC.

Why did Airwave Management change its name to become Tower Genius?

The cell tower lease consulting industry is a very esoteric and niche industry. There are about a dozen consultants and companies that provide some level of service to cell tower landlords. And there are millions of ways to name and brand these companies.

Yet one of these companies chose a name so similar to an established firm they decided to trademark the name and it caused a lot of confusion among cell tower landlords.

It’s important to know who you are dealing with.

We used to be called AIRWAVE MANAGEMENT.

We rebranded our business in 2016 and changed our name to TOWER GENIUS in 2016.

Tower Genius has decided to publish a short explainer page about our former company AIRWAVE MANAGEMENT LLC, since many of our former Airwave clients can’t find us simply by searching for Airwave on the search engines and wind up somewhere else.

We didn’t go anywhere, we just decided that it was easier to rebrand our cell tower lease consulting and coaching business due to an ambitious competitor who in our professional opinion seemed to ride on the coat tails of our success, whose name we will not mention directly, but you can probably figure out in the screenshots who it was.



Business Partners Kevin Donohue and Steve Kazella had worked together previously on the wireless carrier side of the business from 2000 to 2002 where Steve was employed by Kevin as a real estate site acquisition project manager leasing cell sites for T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint.  A few years later, Kevin and Steve saw an opportunity to work together to help municipalities and property owners, and started helping cell tower landlords in 2007. This business evolved and in 2008 Steve and Kevin eventually formed a company called Airwave Management LLC to help cell tower landlords with their leases.


                    Here’s what our Airwave website used to look like back in the old days in 2009:


And this is what our Airwave website looked like in 2016…


This is what Tower Genius’ (formerly Airwave Management) websites look like today:

Our 2020 “retro” classic website design and our Millennial-friendly fresh new looking website:


Tower Genius 2020

Ten years ago, we were small potatoes, but then the USA’s #1 newspaper the NY Times interviewed Steve for an article they published in 2010 and mentioned our firm, Airwave Management and even linked to our website twice:  Our company hit the “big time” and our small consulting business caught the eyes of many people. Our business began growing as a direct result of the article.


Here’s why we decided to change the name of our company from Airwave Management to Tower Genius.

In 2013, an “ambitiously hardworking real estate leader” followed us on Twitter.

So, we followed him back. At the time we could not determine based on his Twitter profile that this “ambitiously hardworking real estate leader” was in fact the aspiring CEO of the “nation’s leading cell tower lease experts” as his website claimed back in 2014.

Between 2014 and 2016, we literally had to explain to hundreds of people that Airwave Management LLC had zero relationship or connection with a similar sounding company located near San Diego.  We even had an instance of a major cell tower management company sending us proprietary lease documents of somebody who was their landlord and not our client, because they thought we were this other company.

We decided to take the high road and rebrand our company to avoid any confusion in the marketplace. Hopefully cell tower landlords can appreciate that.

2013… Hey look, we have a new Twitter follower who is an “ambitiously hardworking real estate leader”!

Airwave Management followed by Ambitious nick

At some point, this “ambitiously hardworking real estate leader” blocked us on Twitter.

Hey Buddy, take it easy on the ambition, you might hurt yourself.

airwave management cell tower lease expert

If you need to speak to the leading cell tower lease experts in the United States or wish to find out more about our cell tower lease coaching and consulting services, talk to Tower Genius. Don’t settle for some third-rate cell tower advisors, Airwave Management is now Tower Genius. Call Steve or Kevin at 1-888-313-9750.


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