cell signalWith millions of users and growing, it is no secret cell phones are used everywhere these days. In fact, a report suggests that more Americans have gotten rid of their home phones and now solely depend on smartphones as a means of communication. With more and more people utilizing them, cell phone carriers are struggling to meet the demands.

Increased use of smartphones means more demand for wide-ranging and reliable networks. This has led to many cell phone carriers reaching out to people who own properties such as private landowners, schools, churches and even municipalities of cities to place cell towers on their land.

Cell towers come in all shapes and sizes ranging from traditional towers for a wide range and small antennas placed on rooftops to cover busy areas.

But as a landowner, if a company approaches you for a cell tower lease agreement, is it a good thing for you? In this post, we will discuss the advantages of having a cell tower on your property.

Pros of Cell Tower On Your Property

There are many advantages of having a cell tower installed on your property. Here are the few most important you need to know.

Quick Profit

Another option is that you can receive a lump sum amount when a cell tower is installed on your property. This is particularly good for HOA associations, schools, churches, and municipalities. You can immediately use this money to fund a project.

Improved Cell Phone Service

This is especially important for businesses that depend on cellphone applications or conduct their business through phone conversations and through other communication applications that use the internet.

Long Term Profit

Properties on which cell towers are installed also experience better growth in overall value. So if you intend to sell your property in the near or distant future, having a cell tower on the property can actually help you get more profit out of the land.

Have a Cell Phone Company Reached You For a Lease Agreement?

If you are considering getting a cell tower on your property, make sure that you are well aware of the pros and cons of having a cell tower on your property. Before the negotiations begin, we highly recommend seeking out professional consultation to review all of your options and strike a better deal.

At Tower Genius, we can help you strike that perfect deal. We are the USA’s Premier Wireless Cell Tower Leasing Consultant for a Reason. We have 48 combine years of experience in cell tower leasing and we have helped thousands of property owners get a better rate lease from a negotiation. Get in touch with us today.