cell tower lease consultant

Find the best cell tower lease consultant with these questions…

Looking for a cell tower lease consultant? Maybe you’re looking for some help negotiating a telecom lease agreement or cell tower company proposal?  All carriers and tower companies know that all landowners  have limited information about the wireless industry and process, and they hire skilled professionals, so from day one, the deck is completely stacked against you.

Property owners, even seasoned commercial real estate professionals should seek out the professional services of an experienced cell tower lease consultant. However not all wireless industry experts are the same. We have compiled a list of important questions a landowner should consider before choosing to work with a consultant.

What conflicts of interest do you have?

Many people will tell you to make sure that your consultant has legal expertise. Tom foolery. Ask them about their conflicts of interest. If they hesitate, hang up the phone.

What are your cell tower lease consulting fees?

How many years have they really worked in Wireless Infrastructure?

Does the cell tower lease expert have a professional Google page and reviews or actual testimonials?

Does the consultant’s website provide any names or personnel or executive profiles?

Who needs a cell tower lease consultant? Anybody who either has an existing cell tower on their land or anyone who has a rooftop cell site on their building, or anyone who has been approached by a wireless carrier or a cell tower developer needs a seasoned professional on their team.

Tower Genius is that seasoned professional consultancy. The partners of Tower Genius, Kevin Donohue and Steve Kazella have a combined 50+ years of wireless infrastructure leasing, zoning, project management, construction and  lease consulting experience. Tower Genius has been helping landlords and land owner achieve great success since 2008.  Tower Genius works exclusively with landlords who either already have a cell site or who have been approached to have a cell site or tower built on their land.

Tower Genius says landlords time and money while helping your get the best deals possible for your particular cell tower location with our cell tower lease coaching and consulting services.


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