Tower Genius’ 5 Pros and Cons of Installing Cell Towers on Your Property… I remember my dad telling me back in 1999, son.. these cell phones are just a fad, I don’t think cell towers will be around for too long. I’m glad I didn’t listen to him, as I launched my career in wireless infrastructure leasing and development.

Fast forward to 2020 and beyond, our cell phones have revolutionized the way we live, shop, communicate, and are part of our everyday lives to an extent that we would not have imagined at the turn of the millennium. They are not just phones, they are mini computers transmitting voice and data. They are devices that we manage our finances with. They are cameras and camcorders. They are navigational tools. They have countless and limitless uses.

Ask any Gen-Z kid how many friends they called on their phone this week and chances are they will say none. Since rarely talk on their phone devices, they are using phones to transmit data. The demand for wireless spectrum and demands placed on cellular networks and cell phone networks keep growing exponentially.  Due to this insane demand, more cell sites and towers will need to be built for 4G, 5G and eventually 6G.

To fulfill this need in both urban and in rural areas, industry experts are saying about 1 million 5G cell sites and tens of thousands of macro cell towers need to be deployed in the USA to meet demand. 

There has never been a better time to become a cell tower landlord and lease your property to a cell tower company like SBA Communications, American Tower or Crown Castle International or rent rooftop space to DISH, AT&T, T-Mobile Sprint or Verizon Wireless.  As with everything there are good and bad things associated with renting out space for a cell tower or cell site. Let us see what those pros and cons are: 

Pros of Cell Tower Leasing 

First, let us see the advantages of placing a cell tower on your site.

You Become a Landlord and Collect Rental Payments for 25 Years to Life

Cellular tower  management companies and carriers usually pay you two different ways:

 Improved Cellular Signal Quality


Cons of Cell Site Leasing 

We have discussed the major pros of getting a cell tower installed at your site. Now let’s look at a few cons as well.

Signing a Bad Cell Tower Lease Agreement of Buying a Building With an Unfavorable Lease Agreement

Selling the Lease For A Lump Sum Can Lead To Difficulties When Selling The Land Or Building


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