Negotiating a cell tower lease is an experience that only a few are familiar with. Only about 1 in every 10,000 people in the United States is a cell tower landlord. To make matters worse, there are only a handful of experts in the USA who can provide cell tower landlords with unbiased help.  So it’s safe to say that not too many people know a lot about this subject matter. Unlike negotiating residential or commercial estate lease where anyone can calculate a square foot price, things are very different when it comes to determining fair market pricing for wireless leases.

Carriers and cell tower companies always have the upper hand unless you have a very unique property and they have no other options available to them. You don’t want to shortchange yourself and leave money on the table, and you certainly do not want to negotiate yourself out of the deal. How does the average property owner know what to do when there are no “comps” available to compare values with?

With any cell tower lease proposal, you never want to accept the initial offer without thoroughly analyzing all aspects of their proposal. A comprehensive site and lease valuation is what is needed and what most cell tower landlords fail to obtain.

Tower Genius can provide property owners with new cell tower proposals and cell tower landlords with lease amendment or buyout proposals with a technical cell tower lease review, lease valuation and a strategic coaching session to properly evaluate their offers and guide them with all types of cell tower proposals they receive. 


Knowledge is Power. Get Knowledge or Pay For Knowledge.

Don’t Blink Or Talk About Terms First

Everything Is Negotiable And Much Of What They Tell You Is Incorrect


Let Tower Genius review your lease, coach and guide you on your way to cell tower leasing success.  Call us at 888-313-9750.

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