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If you have a property where you think a cell tower company may be interested in leasing, then you have come to the right place. Leasing your property to cell tower companies can be quite a lucrative source of side income. 

However, it isn’t easy to convince tower companies to build a tower on your land unless and until it fixes into their current network structure plans for the future. Even if your land is ideal, it may still be quite hard to get a tower company to install a tower.

This guide will help you with getting a tower lease company to install a tower on your land.

 Look For Cell Towers Nearby

If there are no other cell towers in these distances, then you can move on to the next step.

Research Cell Tower Requirements

Try to find what the rules are specifically for your land. You may be given a zoning map to deal with that prohibits cell towers in the area. Typically, a tower cannot be installed in residential zones or near any residential property. 

Check the Coverage Maps

Put a Bandit Sign on Your Property

The sign has to be very clear and must be placed on the highest ground so that it is visible. You can create a custom sign a .

Get Help with Negotiations

If by any chance a tower company shows interest in your property, do not sign a deal without getting an expert valuation and guidance.  Talk to Tower Genius today. Call 888-313-9750 and let us help you make the best out of a proposed cell tower deal.