Here’s the thing, how do you know that your strategic relocation agent, VP of lease acquisitions, or cell tower lease buyout representative is telling the truth to you? There are many lies cell tower leasing companies tell landowners and today we are going to point out the biggest lies that are told in this industry.

The Carrier May Remove The Tower If 25% Rent Isn’t Reduced

They will lie to you by saying that if you do not immediately reduce the rent by 25%, the carrier will remove the tower from your property. This is a blatant lie because only 1% of cell tower companies actually end up decommissioning or moving out. There is a 99% chance that your tower will never be removed. So don’t believe them when they tell you this.

Marketing the Site By Splitting Revenue

Here’s why this never works. The truth is that the commissioned salespeople will try to sell your lease while reading a script given to them through their seniors. So for example, if you have a 90 x 90 fenced-in lease premises on your land with a lot of room still available for additional cell tower equipment, why in the world would a carrier agree to lease this space outside of the fence?

There Are No Hidden Fees

In other words, these companies are making a commission from both sides and sometimes the back end of the fee does not even come out of your purchase price while sometimes it does. The truth is that they never let the seller find about this.

There are many other numerous lies told in this industry which is why we recommend that you get in touch with Tower Genius for all the information about cell tower leasing rates. You can even try your hand at cell tower lease coaching to better understand how the industry works.

With Tower Genius consulting behind you, you’ll end up making the maximum revenue from your property. We ensure that you get the best deal when the negotiation phase comes in. We also ensure that you are safe from all the big lies these companies tell you.